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Trend Alert | Un-Basic Toast

By Rachel Lay
19th Apr 2016

Toast is such a staple in our lives. What is life without vegemite on toast? We don’t even want to imagine it… But, given that we’re all grown up adults here we decided it was high time we stepped our toast game up. We present to you: un-basic toast. Basic toasts to the left, please!

Pounce while figs are in still season with this delightful iteration of toast. This tasty slice is just as easy as the ol’ vegemite on toast too. Spread the cream cheese on your freshly toasted bread, pop the sliced figs on top and then drizzle your honey over the top til your heart’s content.

With a nod to those clever Italians, this un-basic treat is delish to the max.  Load up your toast with cream cheese, add your tomatoes and cucumbers and tear some basil over the top then just dig in. Buon appetito!

Citrus is the perfect way to wake you up; it’s science. That is why we’re so excited about this combo for our morning bite. Dollop the hazelnut spread onto your perfectly golden toast and add your sliced orange – done! Now, dig in.

Did you really think we’d leave the classic avo n’ toast off? Of course not! But we had to spice it up a little bit. You know the drill, spread your cream cheese, chuck the avo onto your toast, top with pomegranate. Now that’s how you do avo on toast!

Image credit: Gabby Stjernqvist

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