Two Minutes with Kaitlyn Ham

By Elspeth Nielson
29th May 2012

Law graduate, freelance fashion journalist, blogger and master of minimal styling; we would like to introduce you to one Kaitlyn Ham. Her beautifully shot blog, Modern legacy, is a personal style shrine to her enviably low-key, paired back aesthetic. We grabbed two minutes with this Brisbane style maven, to hear her thoughts on life's little necessities - Alexander Wang, the perfect white blazer and chocolate. We couldn't agree more!

TUL: Describe in one sentence what you do for work? 
Currently working as a freelance fashion journalist and editor of my own fashion blog modern legacy.

TUL: What is the most exciting part of your job? 
Meeting and chatting with talented creatives in the industry and working to uncover new labels, stores, etc. and garner some great exposure for them. I find that to be so incredibly rewarding.

TUL: If you weren't working in your profession, what other career would you choose? 
I'd be a fashion editor. In fact, I might still do that.

TUL: Describe your style. 
Comfortable, classic and feminine, with an edge. I always need something a little 'off' about an outfit to keep it from being too girly or one-dimensional – something that people might have to look twice at.

TUL: If you were an animal, what would you be? 
Probably a very pampered house cat.

TUL: If you could have a super power what would it be?
Super-speed. I always have so much to do, being able to speed through the boring stuff would be a dream.

TUL: Must haves for the season? 
Oversized white blazer/coat, pastel knits and lace up block heels.

TUL: The last thing you purchased?
The Acne 'Cass' Caftan – so excited for that one!

TUL: Best way to spend $50?
Buying ingredients for a lovely home-cooked dinner and dessert for a night-in with the boyfriend. So sappy, but so fun.

TUL: And the best way to spend $500?
Buying one killer all-rounder of a designer handbag that you will have forever. My Alexander Wang bags will always be my babies.

TUL: 3 great reads? Or musicians/albums you have on high rotation? 
I am constantly listening to Florence and the Machine, Muse and The Black Keys.

TUL: What was the last song you downloaded?
Whichever song is last on The Black Keys latest album…

TUL: The best gift that you have ever received?
An iPad from my boyfriend with my name and blog title engraved on the back - I had no idea it was coming, and the amount of effort and thought that went into it was the best part of all.

TUL: The best gift that you have ever given?
A home-cooked and very gourmet steak dinner (homemade béarnaise sauce and all) followed my made-from-scratch dark chocolate lava puddings. Either that or a plate of 30 homemade brownies. I am very food-oriented, can you tell…?

TUL: What would you request for your last meal on earth?
The aforementioned meal, in the company of my closest loved ones.

TUL: What is your Sunday routine?
Breakfast, shopping, lunch, taking blog photos, netball, dinner, writing article notes, then finally - bed.

TUL: Favorite city… other than Brisbane?
In Australia, Sydney. Everywhere else – can I say New York even though I've never been?

TUL: 3 places in Brisbane you couldn't live without?
Wagamama, Zomp Shoes, and my trusty hairdresser (very important that last one…).

TUL: Favorite Brisbane restaurant?
Alchemy on Eagle Street in the city is a-maz-ing for a really special meal, or I am at Royal Thai Orchid at Milton every weekend without fail.

TUL: Place for a drink?
The Brunswick Social – alcohol should always be accompanied by dumplings.

TUL: Shopping destination?
Can I just say James Street in Fortitude Valley in general…?

TUL: Indulgence?
Chocolate anything.

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