The Urban List Concierge

By Claire Kelly
27th May 2013

We like to think of ourselves as helpful little elves, squirrelling away behind the scenes to bring you the answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

Where to get Brisbane's best avo on toast? Who is open late on a Monday? Who does the ultimate cut and colour? We've asked these questions, and more, in the course of our daily rummagings.

But, we know there are some shy, retiring types out there, who might have questions about what to drink, eat, buy, and book in Brisbane, yet not know who to turn to.

That's why, for the next month, we're dedicating all of our time, energy, and brain power to answering your questions about our fair city. We're your own personal concierge, and no question is too obscure!

If you've got a burning question, just head to our online form, enter your question and we'll find you the answer!

We'll also be answering questions on Facebook and Twitter, so if you'd like to connect with us there, we'd love to have you.

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