We Know Where To Get Cheese Wheel Cake!

By Anna Jefferis
17th Oct 2016

Cheese wheels Brisbane, fromageries Brisbane

If it came to it, we'd probably choose cheese over chocolate cake. Hell, over probably anything. Us cheerleaders of cheese have been waiting for the smelly stuff to have its proper moment in the spotlight our whole lives. And, finally, finally this blessed day has arrived!

Long gone are the days of passing on a slice of celebration cake at a wedding or birthday party, cheese is the dessert de jour thanks to good folk such as Fromage The Cow. They're serious gamechangers in Brisbane, offering up layered cakes made entirely of your favourite fromages. Beautifully designed—and, you know, freaking delicious—cheese wheels make for a classy switch from your traditional celebration cake to something totally unique and all kinds of tasty.

Fromage The Cow tailor their cheese cakes to suit your personal style and taste, so if you want three wheels of triple cream brie then get giddy 'cos you can do that! So if you don't consider yourself a sweet tooth, or you're an openly addicted to cheese lover (aren't we all?) then ditch the sponge cake next time and go for a cheese wheel instead. Fromage The Cow, thank you for showing us the way to more cheese in our lives!

Image credit: Fromage The Cow

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