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By Sophia McMeekin
20th Jun 2014

It's Friday morning, which means somewhere out there there's a bottle of tequila softly calling your name. To help make the long hours between now and the time the two of you are united go that little bit faster, here are our favourite links from around the web this week. 

As if you needed an excuse to leave your desk today, it turns out sitting is bad for you. But standing non-stop might be worse?! We can't win! Let's just perch on other people's desks and ask them about their love lives. Excellent.

Errbody is talking sports this week, with the State of Oro' and World Cup taking over what might have been interesting conversations. (Jokes, we love sports — see, we even showed you where to watch all the games!).

While some of us (all women) might have been so distracted by the World Cup's shirtless antics to notice their faces, some clever person's made a list of some World Cup player's celebrity dopplegangers

Not just for football fans, here's the World Cup of everything.

This week's American foodstuff to outwardly laugh at while secretly wondering if it wouldn't be delish, is scrapple. It's made from pork scraps and cornmeal. Mmm, scraps.

The casting for Sofia Copolla's The Little Mermaid has begun, and the first actor off the ranks is kinda controversial.

this week on the web

Normcore's increasing cultural pull means we'll probably be seeing quite a few relics from the '80s come back. The latest is Scrunchies. Here's a good rule of thumb we just made up: If Elaine Benes ever wore it, Cara Delivigne will be wearing it soon.

*SQUEE*. It's all of the pictures of Prince George's chubby cheeks in one convenient slide show

OK GO have a new video clip. 'nuff said.

Image credit: Giphy, Rachel Jones

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