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By Sophia McMeekin - 14 Jun 2013

Because we know how hard it is to keep up with all the Bieber goss', we bring you the best of the best from around the web. 

We can't wait for the new Super Man movie to come out, because the new Super Man is a total babe. Oh, and here's a review of the actual movie. In case you're swayed by that sort of thing. 

The Paleo Diet continues to inspire loads of women to get fit and gorge on all the meat their little hearts' desire, while the haters at Scientific American aren't convinced. (Damn those pesky scientists and their evidence-based logic). Pass the lamb shanks.

Gourmet Traveller have tonight's dinner sorted

In this golden age of vaginoplasty, our penchant for youth has well and truly travelled below the belt. And now it's not just the ladies who are concerned with the perceived age of their bits. Thanks to an off-hand comment by George Clooney, scrotum rejuvenation (aka ball ironing) is the hot new cosmetic procedure. But, be warned guys, the results only last 4 weeks. (I'm trying to beat down a visual of George at the plastic surgeon's, asking if they'll be so shiny he'll be able to see his face in them.) 

Here's some breaking news. Obama really, really likes snow cones. Here's a blog about it, aptly called, Snobama

And the Tumblr of the Week Award goes to this riveting collection of ugly Belgian houses

Vice presents 'Everything You Need to know About Justin Bieber Going Into Space'. And they do mean, everything. From discussing the legalities of Bieber killing someone in space, to the very, very bad idea of lighting a mid-flight marijuana cigarette, to the unprecedented logistics of space sex, they've got it covered. All in all, some very thorough reporting. 

The Barossa has divided opinion with their new dark and gritty ad campaign, set to the mournful sound of Nick Cave's, Red Right Hand. Some are concerned the vaguely sinister creative and tag-line, 'be consumed' may be subtly suggesting to tourists that we want to make them into meat pie filling

Because we are all for a bit of self-reflection, here are some pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food.

Image Credit: Business Insider


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