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By Sophia McMeekin
5th Jul 2013

This week we are majorly jelly we coldn't go to Glastonbury, going ga-ga over puppies, worried we suffer from B*tch Face, and wondering how we'd look in a Diana-inspired wig. That's right, it's time for links of the week!

Do you ever have the feeling you come off as unapproachable? You may be suffering from Resting Bitch Face. Apparently it's a serious condition.

Speaking of girls with bitch-face, check out what A-Chung and the crew wore to Glastonbury festival.

Can't resist a cute pooch? May we introduce, @Poochstagram.

Some big questions from the TED gang. Specifically, why does time exist? (Here's a hint, it has to do with the Multiverse—Space: it's cool!)

As if he wasn't annoyingly omnipresent already, Kanye's tweets are being embroided as household decorations. Ima let you decide if this is waste of money.

Hoop earrings are back, baby (cheer!). Who What Wear has the scoop on this sassy accessory.

Because it's hard to keep up with the kids these days, here are 5 Vines you should be following.

Sigh. Tilda Swinton is so awesome. Here she is, being a living art installation. And here she is in a trailer for her new film, as a Scottish dictator, riding on a train powered by a perpetual motion machine, slicing through a post-apocalyptic wilderness. As you do.

We cannot wait for the Diana biopic to come out, if only to get a good look at Naomi Watts's wig. Here's the first teaser!

To celebrate the upcoming Bling Ring soundtrack, Another Magazine has put together a Sounds of Sofia Coppola playlist, featuring all your favourite tracks from Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, and Marie Antoinette. 

Image Credit: Glamour

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