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By Sophia McMeekin - 12 Jul 2013

Because we want to help you look busy while you goof off at work today, check out our highly clickable run down of the week that was.

kirsten dunst snaggle tooth

Here are five of the sexiest snaggle-tooths you totally want to kiss on the mouth. (Though I'm not sure I agree with their inclusion of Steve Buscemi.)

'What is a nerd? asks James Franco. 'How would you know, you sexy freak?' asks everyone else.

Facebook have rolled out their new 'graph search' option, which means you're more searchable on social media than ever before (the horror). The gang at Huff Po' explain what it's all about, and show you how to protect yourself from all those nosey snoops/your friends.

It's why the Internet was invented. Here are some photos of cats being cute. You know you're going to click that.

Here's some home décor porn: these are the best home interiors from films. I want Patrick Bateman's apartment so bad!

Yeah, we think the new Johnny Depp movie, Lone Rangers, look pretty rando' as well. Here's a review, and here's Vice wondering if the whole thing isn't a little bit racist.

Spielberg reflects on his 28 films, and claims Jaws was his Vietnam. That's a big call, but, hey, it was a big fake shark.

gypset dressing brisbane

Gypsies are so hot right now. So hot, in fact, that gypsy-inspired dressing has earned its own fashion moniker (move over boho.) Gypset dressing, that's a combination of Gypsy and jetset—duh, combines the glamorous international style of the jetset crew with the floaty, bejewelled ease of a gypsy. And, yes, it is kind of bitchin'.

Speaking of bitchin' . . . Beyonce is coming to town! And, to celebrate, why not eat a pizza in the shape of her face?

Image credit: Another, Rave Pad

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