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By Sophia McMeekin - 26 Jul 2013

This week was royal baby week, and boy-oh-boy, did we get in the spirit. To celebrate, we're bringing you some baby-related clickables, as well as anything else on the internet we felt was vaguely worthy of your attention. 

We know we are lame, but nothing gets us more excited than a royal baby. And as invasive as it seems to follow Kate Middleton's every, post-baby move, we just can't help ourselves. There are just so many questions. Was her choice of leaving-hospital outfit a subtle homage to Diana? Why did they call the little guy George? And why does her hair always look so freaking amazing

And, because we've officially got baby brain, here at the 50 top moments in the history of pregnancy.

Can anyone else not wait to check out the potential train wreck that is sure to happen on screen when Lindsay stars in the new, Brett Easton Ellis movie, Canyons? Here's a trailer. And here's a New York Times piece on the Director's experience of working with Li-Lo (and it's even funnier than you could imagine).

 Show this list to the next person who tells you TV rots your brain. Here are the most influential sitcoms of all time.

'90s countdowns are always awesome, so here's a line-up of the ultimate '90s movies.

Ryan Gosling is taking some time off, because he's worried we're sick of him. What a silly billy.

Backstreet's back . . . again. For the launch of their latest album, Portable takes a look back at the backstreet boys.

Yet another reason to be scared of dolphins: This study suggests dolphins may call each other by name. THIS IS ONE STEP AWAY FROM LANGUAGE, IS ANYONE ELSE FREAKING OUT?

Image Credit: Hollywood Scoop

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