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By Sophia McMeekin - 02 Aug 2013

The weekend is so close you can almost taste it (and we are particularly pumped for this Saturday, because we're teaming up with the James Street Food Trail and putting on a chilled Urban Picnic space next to Tom Gunn shoes, with hand massages, beer and bubbles, and treats from Jocelyn's Provisions—yerm.) But first you need to make it through Friday, and to help you out we have some of the best miscellany from around the internets. Until tomorrow . . .

Underwear as outerwear: The evolution of the slip dress, as demonstrated by Kate Moss. Girl knows how to work an undergarment.

They say nail polish sales go up in times of financial hardship. Apparently women turn to this cheap-and-cheerful mood booster when times are tough economically, but The Times tell us sales are finally starting to slow down. It might be time to stop with the pedis and start buying up investment properties. 

The enduring legacy of Dazed and Confused, best Ben Affleck movie ever.

Tumblr of the week goes to Old Love, for reminding us of this classic union.

Ever wanted to know how Madonna keeps herself looking like this? The Cut road tests her diet, and it does not sound fun.

Does your pooch need to shed a few? Lucky you, fat camps for dogs are a thing now

she's all that

Portable asks the big questions. Namely, which is the ultimate 90s teen rom com, She's All That or Drive me Crazy? One of these movies has Paul Walker in the cast and one does not. I think the answer should be obvious.

Sometimes scientists discover things I just do not want to know. Like this new study that suggests spiders have personalities. Apparently the bold spiders are the hunters, while the shyer spiders stay home to take care of the babies. It does raise the question of what kind of personality you have to have to be that spider mum who lets their babies eat them. Doormat with serious martyr issues?

Image Credit: Cinepad, Miramax

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