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By Sophia McMeekin - 09 Aug 2013

This week we're linking you to some iconic besties, banoffee pie, Sandy Cohen, mermaids, Oprah's weave, and Prince Harry's face (essentially, everything we like). Here's our hit list of the stuff we can't get enough of on the W.W.W. Smooches.

Prince Harry is busy celebrating his demotion and talking about his new nephew, Little G. We hope this kid realises he's kind of hit the jackpot, Uncles-wise. 

Who says blogs are so 2003? Time announces 25 of today's best bloggers. So relevant. So few memes.

the oc sandy cohen

Here's an anniversary to make you feel old. The OC turns 10 this year. And Sandy Cohen is still the best TV dad, ever.

Slate argues, are mermaids the new vampires in contemporary fiction? They are leaning towards no, because they think mermaids are lacking the right 'parts' for a successful romantic plot. We think their lack of genitalia is either going to make it really boring, or contribute to some seriously narrative-driving, unbreakable sexual tension.

Oprah demonstrates the slimming potential of an absolutely massive afro, on her latest mag' cover.

Dazed and Confused continue their homage to everything that happened in 1993. This week they are on to the publication of The Virgin Suicides.

This week we are loving . . . Banoffee Pie. Here's a sweet little recipe from Feast mag', a vegan version for the cream-averse, if you're feeling DIY. Or, if you're lazy (like us) head to Flamingo Café for a slice. Their version is arguably the best in Bris'.

Speaking of things we love, here's Another Magazine's ode to the best friendships on film. We just wanna be matchy-matchy like Cher and Dionne!

Image credit: Movies and Things, Star Pulse

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