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By Sophia McMeekin
23rd Aug 2013

If you're on Struggle Street this Friday waiting for the minutes to tick by, don't fret. We've got just what you need to make the time fly: all the goss' online you couldn't be bothered searching yourself (here's the hot tip, N*SYNC are back on. Yeah, we're embarrassingly excited, too). Now get clickin'. 

Because we appreciate a good list, here at TUL, here's a very sexy breakdown of the hottest Jewish men in Hollywood. We think Seth Rogen at number 50 is doing him a serious injustice. But at least he beat Adam Sandler.

Get excited, Girls fans. Season 3 is nearly here. Get prepped for the new season with stills from the new trailer (because that's how the hipsters do it).

Want to learn how to tweet, update your status, and caption your photos like a new-age Shakespeare? You need the Time guide to writing short

This week's title of Blog of the Week goes out to Hot Dog Legs. No question.

In close second place is this blog, featuring GIFs of hot guys laughing.

The future: it's here! Personal jetpacks are yours for the purchasing. We want, no, we NEED, one of these. 

It's the interview we've all been waiting for. Li-Lo sits down with Oprah, and shares . . . very little. Here's The Man Repeller's take on why we are all secretly rooting for her to clean up her act (and stop wearing so much slap). 

karl grumpy cat interview

And the other interview we've all been waiting for. Karl Stefanovic interviews the grumpy cat. This was never not going to be great. And the grumpy cat totally dominates.

A change of season means a change of shoe, and this spring we are going to be rocking loafers like we're 84 years old. 

Shut the front door. Just when we thought they were 'gone' (because they said 'bye bye bye') N*SYNC are getting back together! Ok, so it's only for one night, but whatevs.  *girly squeal* 

Image Credit: Youtube, Ryan Seacrest

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