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By Sophia McMeekin
6th Sep 2013

The weekend is like, totally nigh, so waste some time this Friday with our always entertaining, sometimes informative, and mostly trashy, fave links of the week!

The after-shock to the 'Viley' Cyrus incident continues to reverberate. If you're going to read one more think piece about it before you're officially over the whole thing, make it this one by the New Yorker.

In other Miley-related news, the inventor of the foam finger is pretty pissy his iconic digit has been defiled.

Real-estate porn: it's the house that Calvin Klein built. Here's an interview with the man himself on denim, Brooke Shields, and that Klein sexuality.

It's a badly animated dream come true! A how-to guide to posting GIFS on Facebook.

Thanks to social media, the burning man festival is becoming increasingly less mysterious. What are we going to Instagram next?

As far as new mums go (and as far as Vogue is concerned) Kate Middleton just does it better.

Here's a useless game to completely waste your time (yes!): Guess the movie from the IMDB keyword.

The Singles Wrist Band: Inevitable practicality, or desperado fashion statement? Either way, we think it can't be a worse than a push-up bra and a low-cut top.

Here's a quiz to make you feel seriously under-travelled: Guess the language with The Great Language Game! (Who knew Farsi and Swedish were so tough to separate? #unculturedswine)

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