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By Kim Barnard
13th Sep 2013

It's Friday, and that means your head is down and you are at your most motivated for the week. 

Or not. Join us and procrastinate your way into the weekend with our round-up of links to keep you clicking in an entirely un-work-related way. 

Because we are massive nerds . . . Oyster has created a kind of Netflix for books. Squeal! 

Miley gets nude and cries in her latest video. We can't look away from this train wreck . . .  

Looking for a home refresh? JT launches a homewares line. Is there anything he can't do?

No. Apparently not.  

The Guardian thinks you are lying about having read Pride and Prejudice. But don't worry, we believe you. 

Apple's iPhone 5s isn't out until the 20th, but this guy's already in line. Respect. 

Ok, so Brisbane's not on The Economist's latest most livable cities list (did they not read this?) but Australia in general is getting a pretty good rap (on ya' Melbourne and Sydney).  

This bride pushed her husband off a cliff a week after their wedding. Ouch. For happier wedding news, go here

And, finally, is it wrong that we want to eat these peanut butter and jelly potato chip bars?

Image credit: Spoon Fork Bacon

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