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By Kim Barnard
27th Sep 2013

It's the last Friday in September (HOW?!) and we're celebrating with a bumper edition of the best links from around the interwebs. So grab that coffee and bagel, set your face in 'work' mode and click away. The boss will be none the wiser.

Is it just us, or is there something crazy interesting about people who are in cults? Dazed gives us a peek at some of the more out there ones, and we can't look away. 

We love burgers and we love cakes, but what about CAKES THAT LOOK LIKE BURGERS? What will they think of next? 

Obama writes a school excuse note for a little girl. Can we get a collective 'awww'?

Speaking of Obama, apparently he's scared of Michelle, which is understandable because she could probably bench press him. 

Tavi Gevinson has homework. Guys, she's just like us! Only with way more free clothes!

David Stratton reflects on his fake Twitter account, and it's awesome.

If we could eat only one more thing, ever, it might have to be this. Right?

We love TV, and Time's list of the 10 greatest TV pilot episodes has us feeling all nostalgic. Although, where is The West Wing, Time? Where?

So, apparently, having a messy desk doesn't mean you're a slob; it's just a way of inspiring creativity. We'd make a note of it, but we can't find our pen.

Anyone want to go back to dating in the '80s? Nope? Us either.

Kanye West is a big deal. Just ask him

Image credit: Design Taxi

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