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By Sophia McMeekin
4th Oct 2013

It's Friday, yo, and this weekend is a long'un, so no one will blame you for mentally checking out a few hours early.

Let's kick the brain drain off with some absurdity:

Celebrities and their Russian look-a-likes. Um. This is the best thing I've ever seen. Yes it's in French. But the pictures speak for themselves.

Sucks that Breaking Bad is over, right? Here are 10 ways that watching re runs of Malcolm in The Middle will make you feel better about it.

We love a good makeup collaboration, and this time it's a cracker, between Proenza Schouler and MAC. Because the surfer-babe look is so hard to achieve, and carrying your makeup in a surf wax tin sounds gnarly.

Normally we're not mad about people telling us what to do, but, when the gang at Monocle put out a guide to better living, you better believe we'd be scouring it from cover-to-cover.

Wax sculptures of famous people are never great, but this line up of really, really terrible wax sculptured celebs is even worse than usual.

It's happening. A company is developing a fake meat with the same texture and taste as the real shebang. It's called 'Beyond Meat'. Mmm. Tastes like chicken. 

Speaking of faux proteins, here are 9 health foods that are actually really unhealthy! How depressing! (Why, tofu sausage, WHY?!)

Here's a fun quiz: Guess who wrote it? Dr Seuss, or Bret Easton Ellis?

The 10 Commandments of Clueless. Oh, come on, you know you love this movie.

Image Credit: Pinterest

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