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By Sophia McMeekin
11th Oct 2013

Four day weeks usually mean you spend a lot of time asking, 'WHAT DAY IS IT AGAIN?!', but this four-day week also coincided with daylight savings in the southern states, so there was a lot of 'WHAT TIME IS IT IN MELBOURNE?!', as well. After all that confusion and shouting, you're going to need some brain-numbing internet paraphernalia to soothe you, so here's link of the week:

In Hollywood goss', Bruce & Kris have hit the splits, which begs the questions, if they can't make it, what hope do Kim and Kanye have?

There are your classic flavour combos': pear and blue cheese, chocolate and orange, butter and honey. Then there's this heavenly concoction: Siriacha x Mac'n'Cheese.

This New York man eats out, every single night, and he's lived to 103. That's reason enough for us to give his lifestyle a go.

It's an instructional guide: How to read like David Bowie.

This porcine mishap proves there is such a thing as too much bacon.

Want to know how K.Lagerfeld decks out his shelves? Here are the libraries of the rich and famous.

IT'S FINALLY HERE!! The much-anticipated sequel to Shark-nado…Avalanche Sharks. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the snow.

Speaking of bad good movies, here's Portable's list of 10 Great Bad Movies.

Love these complaints from real-life dissatisfied travellers. Beaches ARE too sandy.

Image Credit: Kardashian World

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