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By Sophia McMeekin
18th Oct 2013

Friday, the sexiest day of the week is finally upon is, and, trust as, that thing you are working on now will keep 'till Monday. Keep your mouse moving with our very favourite links of the week. Get clickin'.

Huff Po raises the question: does texting mean the end of proper spelling, and, subsequently, the complete deterioration of society as we know it? Yikes.

What creative people have for breakfast, and other mundane rituals of the geniuses among us.

For the well dressed, time-poor, here's some snappy vids of the best of the 2014 spring runways.

In case you were wondering, here's an explanation for why good looking people apparently like kissing more than their plain Jane counterparts. Pucker up y'all.

These amazing images of goats on cliffs raise some questions: How in-the-name-of-fire did they get up there, and HOW WILL THEY GET DOWN? 

Cutest BFFs, like, ever, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, have teamed up on a new TV comedy.

Did you know October was pizza month? No, neither did I. To celebrate some crafty person has invented the pizza cocktail, made with tomato water, mushroom powder, and pepper and basil infused vodkas, amongst other pizza-y things. Mmm…I think we'll stick to the non-liquid version.

Book trailers. Yep. There are thing now. And of course Franco's made one.

Image Credit: Panda Whale

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