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By Sophia McMeekin
25th Oct 2013

It's Friday, yo. Time to let your hair down, put your party shoes on, and read some miscellaneous online material.

In case you hadn't realised, Kate Middleton is better at everything than you. Watch her playing volleyball, in heels—as you do when you've just had a baby.

Some words are easy to misspell. 'Jesus' is probably not one of them.

Halloween is coming up fast. Here's an easy guide to dressing as Breaking Bad's Walter White for Halloween.

And here's an equally viable costume option, modelled by a four-legged cute-y. (How many Miley-inspired costumes will we be seeing this year, do you think?)

You might think that a BLT is a rugged, manly lunch option. But bacon could be ruining your sperm health.

In case you live under a rock, Kimye are getting married. And her rock cost a cool $8 mil.

In a surprising move, Anna Wintour is courting Lena Dunham to be the next Vogue cover girl. (And Lena is apparently not so easily wooed.)

Have you ever wanted to eat dinner on the loo? No? Neither has anyone else, which makes this bathroom-themed café a bit of a hard sell.

She's the voice of all women. Here are 12 of Liz Lemon's best moments.

Links of the week

Speaking of Liz Lemon…cake.

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