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By Ella Stening
15th Nov 2013

It's Friday again everyone, and I cannot imagine you're doing anything remotely productive. And hey, there is absolutely NO problem with that!

Ahead of the break, you might be enjoying a refreshing pre-Friday night drinks nap on your desk. 

If you're not catching up on zzz's, I imagine you're all thinking about sunshine, chilling out in the park, ciders in hand, laughing with friends, enjoying Spring. Alternatively if you hail (literally) from Melbourne, this is going to be the extent of your weekend

Yes indeed. So what's everyone got planned for these two days of bliss? Maybe you're thinking of kick starting your fitness regime. How about doing that in Moscow

There are some great movies out at the moment, but in reality we'd rather look at this for 90 minutes. 

If it's your birthday, congratulations – just know you're not doing it as well as Kate Moss for Playboy.

Some people might potentially be getting into some DIY this weekend so why not try some arts and crafts? I am almost 400% going to turn my two-door Hyundai jellybean into a music-making MACHINE.

This week might've been so busy you might've missed half of the news, so here's what happened in brief - Rudd, tunnels, internet killed the video star, Channel 10 still sucks, Chic Management and cereal got politically incorrect, online dating is still very much a thing and some lingerie company in the US had the genius idea of combining excellent looking humans with a runway, more feathers than you'll find on a chicken and more Swarovski crystals than you'll find on a ballroom dancer.

If you were thinking of doing some charity work this weekend, do yourself and the Philippines a favour and donate to the cause

If you're lucky enough to be travelling this weekend, might I suggest adding these places to your itinerary?

Perhaps the outside world is just way too much to comprehend after a strenuous week, and you plan to remain safely indoors and trawl the internet. Here's some stuff to start you on your quest, go forth and conquer

Surely you didn't expect to get very far through a post about the internet without an update on the Miley Cyrus plan for world domination, but hey, at least she has her pants on this time. In more exciting celebrity news, THIS is Mr. Bean's daughter.

You heard it Urban Listers, everyone's skipping church and having a Bloody Mary on us, cause it's da weekend!

Image Credits: We Know Memes, I'm Rofling, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

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