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By Sophia McMeekin
22nd Nov 2013

This week has been a doozie. Miranda Kerr got into trouble for trying to look even more toned than she already does (you're already there, girl. Give it up), selfies became immortalised in our lexicon, Kanye made us "rofl" with his latest music video, and PUPPIES x BABIES.

It was a close race, but 'selfie' has beaten 'twerk' as the Oxford English Dictionary 2013 Word Of The Year. Which is not a massive surprise considering even the pope is doing it (taking selfies, that is, not twerking. That's a bad visual.) The use of 'selfie' can be traced back as far as 2002 (to an online forum—lol) and first appeared as a hashtag in 2004. #etymology

Miranda Kerr has gotten herself into strife, 'gramming an obviously photoshopped shot of stomach from last year's Victoria Secret show. The Awl take her down

Graphic Designers get their own back, in these artistic representations of their best worst "feedback".

What's cuter than puppies and babies? Puppies and babies having naps together. Cue the collective 'Nawwww'. 

If you've ever wondered, what would Karl do, you need The Cut's Karl Lagerfeld Magic 8 Ball

Lena Dunham interviews Mindy Kaling. You know this is going to be great. 

As long-time fans of both Sriracha and bacon, you'd think we'd be into these savoury lollipops. But, not so much. 

Ah Kimye, you've done it again. Kanye unveiled his latest music video for 'Bound 2' on Ellen, revealing that he has cast Kim K, along with galloping horses, a motorbike and wind machines. Of course he has. Props to Kanye's plaid-on-plaid look, though. It's so right now.

Here's a fun quiz: Wes Anderson character or Jewish mobster?

She's 84, in a wheelchair, and still cooler than you. Yayoi Kusama unveils her latest exhibition, 'I Who Have Arrived in Heaven' in New York to mass acclaim and massive lines.  I want my bedroom to be 'infinity room' styled so bad. 

And, to get you in the festive spirit, The Vine count down the best and worst of Gwyneth's GOOP gift guide.

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