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By Sophia McMeekin
29th Nov 2013

Can you feel it? The air conditioning's on your face. The Weiss bars are calling your name. It's almost Christmas, y'all! If you're lucky, your brain may have already started the gentle slide into holiday mode, but to help you out, here's some highly entertaining Internet paraphernalia from the week that was. 

Dammit Seth Rogen, you are the best. In case you've been under a rock and missed this, Seth and James Franco have done a shot-for-shot remake of Kanye's Bound 2. It's too good.

Speaking of too good, here's Prince William, singing, in public, with Bon Jovi, and Taylor Swift.

Gardenias are so 2009. The hottest scent in scented candles is fried chicken. No, really.

Because we are anti-guns and pro stupid memes, we're loving these famous movie stills with the guns replaced as thumbs up

To kick off the silly season, here's a very festive guide to all the turtlenecks in Love Actually. Who knew there were so many? 

Julia Roberts has come out against Jennifer Lawrence, dubbing her 'too cool' to be America's sweetheart. Somebody's jealous….

Want to get the scoop on this 'Tinder' thang all the kids are talking about? We've got The Awls ultimate Tinder glossary

Looking for a special little something for the design geek in your life? We may have just the thing. The Helvetica perfume, inspired by the font, is made from distilled water and air. So it smells like nothin'. Sans serif, sans scent.

Here are 10 random dudes/boyfriends/secondary characters from Sex and The City who have gone on to make it big

Image credit: Pitchfork 

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