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By Sophia McMeekin
10th Jan 2014

Congrats, you've either just made it through your first week back at work, or you're still on holidays, in which case, we hate you. The weekend (otherwise known as that little, tiny holiday you have every week) is well in your sights. Get there that much faster with our insanely captivating, inanely time-wasting line up of the best of the web this week.

Can't wait for the new season of Girls? Nope, us, neither. And apparently Anna Wintour can't either. She's cast Lena Dunham as the next Vogue cover girl, in what is set to be a Girls themed issue. While you wait for the series return (and for the glossy to come out), why not follow the cast's antics on SnapChat? (It's @GirlsHBO.)

All this time away on hols has left us feeling patriotic towards our fair-weather city (not to mention Bris's recent shout out as the coolest city in OZ). Here's a hilarious montage of Stuff Brisbane People Say. Cue the cultural cringe. 

In the wake of her highly visual album, Beyoncé continues to impress us. She's just dropped a 5-part documentary on the making of her much downloaded, eyeball and eardrum fest, Beyoncé (and you thought you'd be actually doing some work this afternoon, silly you).

If you've seen American Hustle, you'll certainly appreciate this in-depth analysis of Amy Adams' cleavage in the film. Word is girlfriend did not use boob tape. Whaaaa.

You know you want to see this: it's the Harry Styles hair swap. (Miley should seriously consider going with HS's hair full time.)

Feeling a bit too much like Santa, post-Christmas binge? Here's Mamma Mia on why you maybe don't want to try the Gwyneth Paltrow detox diet. Hint: it involves replacing food with tea, and wearing socks. 

We love us some, Pharrell, it's true. So 24 hours straight of him sounds ok to us. Check his new, day-long film clip here. Happy dayz.

It's hasn't even been released here yet, but 12 Years a Slave is already getting some serious nods for Oscar nominations. Here's the man himself, Mr Steve McQueen, on why this sometimes violent film is really all about love

Image Credit: Hustle Girl

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