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By Sophia McMeekin
17th Jan 2014

And so another Friday to kill rolls around, and you're looking for things to click. Let us help you on your merry, procrastinating way, with the best of the web from the week that's been.

Lena Dunham's Vogue cover has come out. And she looks pretty nervous about it.

And Mossy turns the big 4-0. Happy birthday Kate, you skinny b*tch.

This Burrito Vending Machine takes all the hassle out of acquiring this already fast food the old fashioned way (i.e. waiting those 3 long, painful minutes for it to be made before you eat it). Lazy much?

Be careful before you click this link: just looking at this peanut butter and jelly burger will make your ass bigger. God bless Americans.

In the news this week: The New York Times finally acknowledges the arrival of beards. Beards immediately become uncool.

Speaking of beards, here's a fun game: Are these actors hotter with beards and wigs? You be the judge.

Hey, Geeks, check it: Old Star Wars photos from behind the scenes on set

More behind the scenes action, this time from the Golden Globes.  Apparently everyone was wigging out because little, tiny Hayden Panettiere actually paid cold hard cash for her dress. 

As much as we loved You've Got Mail, this satire with Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler looks even AWESOMER.

Image Credit: Junkee

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