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By Sophia McMeekin
24th Jan 2014

It's a long weekend, yo. Can I get a hip hip? No? Ok, yeah, that was lame. Anyway, the only thing standing in between you and three days of sunshine and sausages is Friday (Boo. Hiss). Kill some time with our favourite links of the week.

How's this for a photo op? Beyonce's baby meets Obama's dog

It's the one question that plagues singletons everywhere: Are we on a date or just hanging out?

Likey chocolate? Likey recipes? Here's a guide to making your own Nutella. Shut. Up.

We've already given you our line-ups of the best humans to follow on the 'gram. How about the adorable animals you need to follow on Instagram? @Yogurt_ThePirate #squeal

Because she's such a boss: find out which Jennifer Lawrence character you are. (Hint: if you get Winter's Bone J-Law, that's a bad sign). 

Valentino's pugs: making couture accessible to the masses.

Ever wanted to know where the locations from your favourite movies are IRL? They've even got Kevin McAllister's house from Home and Alone. Kevin!!!

If there was ever a testament to the freakishly cyclical nature of fashion, it is the return of the mule: Ugliest shoe in the world.

Image credit: Mashable

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