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By Sophia McMeekin
7th Feb 2014

Friday, where have you been all our lives? Celebrate the end of the week with this collection of highly click-able odds, ends, news, 'funnies' and other web-based junk.

While you peruse this list of awkwardly mixed dog breeds, try not to think about the original dogs awkwardly in flagrante. It's basically impossible. 

JLAW RULZ. That is all.

So...January didn't go as healthily as we hoped it would (thanks a bunch National Croissant Day and World Nutella Day). What we need is one of these in our office. 

Sad news this week as we learnt of the passing of Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Here's Vulture's obituary, and here's a scene from one of his forgotten classics, Twister

This Japanese bra will only come off for your 'one true love', AKA any man who can make your heart rate increase. They seem to have underestimated for the female's unfortunate tendency to be attracted to good looking jerks with no long-term potential.

What do you get for the vacuous Gen Y who has everything? This selfie stick of course! With a 'More Likes' guarantee, you can snap away, sure that your pics will look like some appreciative third party is taking them, and you'll have a wholesome background-to-face ratio. Quick, someone tell Miranda Kerr!

When love and pork combine: these folks got married at a bacon festival

It's a sick sad world out there. Here's why Dazed thinks this generation needs a Daria.

Hipster has reached its peak in Brooklyn with one venue turning out a Beyonce themed Valentine's Day menu. Order from such sumptuous, diva-licious options as the 'I am Pasta Fierce', or the 'Breastiny's Child'. Here's the actual menu.

Image credit: Dazed Digital, Giphy

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