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By Sophia McMeekin
14th Feb 2014

Hola, lovebirds. Happy V Day, and happy Friday. If aren't on the receiving end of flowers, chocolates, or sweet nothings today, there's always our weekend events calendar to keep you busy, or you can read our handy guide to surviving Valentine's Day if you're single.

If you're feeling a bit of Valentine's Day fatigue (and who could blame you) you'll enjoy this video counting down the 85 glaring problems with everyone's favourite romantic movie, The Notebook.

And you'll probably also enjoy these 21 awkward Valentine's Day cards, ideal for the perfect modern day relationship. Because, I like, like you, but not in a creepy way? 

Johnny Weir isn't even on the ice but he's still dominating at Sochi. 

It's the big McQuestion. McNuggets: What's in them? And, surprise surprise, it's not shapeless pink goop. No, it's shapeless beige goop!

Season Two of House of Cards premieres in the US today. Here are not one but two trailer promos for the new season. We heart trailers. And we really heart Kevin Spacey.

Fashion week has taken over New York, but this year there's a new app stopping air-kissing gate crashers, new 'It' boys ruling the runway, and a new colour of the season to werk. 

We might be half way through it, but how exactly do you pronounce it? A guide to saying February right.

Here's some research to explain our nonsensical coffee addictions, and why sometimes we just MUST EAT KIT KAT NOW. 

Image Credit: Ally Elle Cards

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