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By Sophia McMeekin
21st Feb 2014

Friday, where have you been all our lives? There a few hours left until the weekend is officialy here (and there's a helluva lot on), so placate yourself for the time being with the best of the web this week. 

The Winter Olympics charges on, largely unwatched, occasionally hilarious. Brining a bit of excitement to what is probably the most ridiculous winter sport, curling, a UK Radio station convinced David Attenborough to narrate the comp'. What a rad dude.

She can teach those bitchy fashion chicas a thing or two: It's Ja'ime's take on London Fashion week. Was it quiche? Find out here.

Is being lazy making you dumber? The answer, it seems, is probs

Speaking of sitting on the couch, would you try this new Dorito flavour, Doritos Loaded

Want to write like Hemingway? Learn how to avoid the weak feminine passive and shorten the heck out of your sentences with the Hemingway app, which offers you helpful edits, and inserts references to big game hunting and hard drinking.

This week Seth Cohen got hitched, to Blair Waldorf of all people. It's a Gen Y TV wedding! 

Ignoring the obvious question, is the Man Repeller actually on death's door, or does she just really need to buy some concealer, this article finds out what she eats at fashion week. The answer: not much.

Will anyone else just about die if Jordan Catalano wins an Oscar?  In other news, he's totally pashing Miley. Come on Leto. You've got the shiniest man-hair in the universe, you can do better than that

Phil Collins has come full circle and is now officially cool again. Now you can listen to Genesis with the windows down. 

Image Credit: Buzz Worthy

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