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By Sophia McMeekin
28th Feb 2014

It's the end of summer, and the end of the working week, so what better reason to throw caution to the wind and get yaw drink on tonight? (Better yet, why not get your drink on while eating take out, at one of Brisbane's BYO food bars? Pad thai + cocktail jugs = best Friday night ever.) Until the clock strikes five, waste some time with our favourite links of the week.

What?! You missed the 138th Annual Westminster Dog Show because you have a life? Don't sweat it: here are the highlights.

Is it just us, or do snowboarders have great hair? (Ok, so we're easily distracted during sports.) We want to get shredding just for the follicular benefits.

Any man who's ever found a woman emotional, irrational, and hard to reason with (read: everyman) will enjoy this.

Losing the sizzle in your relationship? Here's Karma Sutra for couples who have been dating for over 3 years

90s kids, get excited. Now you can relive the heady highs and terrible lows of caring for a small pixelated pet, with the Tamagotchi app.

Taxidermy is kind of awesome/terrifying at the best of times, but, done really badly, it's even better. Welcome to the Crap Taxidermy Facebook page

You know a trend is on the way out when even the designer thinks it's getting kind of ugly. Isabelle Marant has gone off her own wedge booties.

Reinforcing what we already knew, Jessica Lange is a boss b*tch, and the new face of Marc Jacobs beauty.

Image Credit: Elle

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