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By Sophia McMeekin - 07 Mar 2014

Friday's here, which means you can wear shorts to the office and no one will be expecting you to write back to any emails (right?). It also means you'll have plenty of time to fulfil your weekly quota of web browsing. With that in mind, please enjoy our favourites from around the web this week. 

Public transport is a melting pot of freaks and geeks, and the invention of smart phones means we get to check them out, even if we're not commuting. So enjoy this (seemingly normal) man on the subway slowly eat a huge slab of brie.

Speaking of weird guys eating things, this dude eats pizza. Just pizza. And nothing else. While he lives in the US, the home of Sriracha flavoured pringles. And he's kind of skinny? That's a diet we'd happily road test.

And, speaking of eating things you shouldn't, it's that snake that ate a crocodile and became an international news sensation.

There's something to be said for a masterful use of emoticons. Here's Beyonce's 'Drunken Love', represented entirely in emoji

Pets and furniture don't mix. Especially not cats and coathangers. 

Ever wanted to lay one on Ryan Gosling? This website lets you simulate a Gos' smooch.

This guy, claiming to be a chef, managed to score a gig on five US morning shows as their guest chef before he was found out as a fraud, preparing hilariously disgusting food like a mashed potato icecream cone with corn sprinkles.

Mary Kate Olsen's engaged, and has a seriously big engagement ring. We'd say it's bigger than she is, but it's not like that's hard.

The Oscars might be over for another year, but the analysis continues…Apparently Cate Blanchett and Amy Adams got tattoos together the day after the awards. Do their tats say BFFS 4 EVER? Only time will tell. 

And Jennifer Lawrence totally pulled off side butt at the Vanity Fair party.

Image credits: FashnBerry

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