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By Sophia McMeekin
14th Mar 2014

Oh, Friday. We could kiss you. Get your weekend started early by putting your feet up and wasting your afternoon with our favourite mish mash of trash from around the web this week.  

True Detective is drawing to a close (sob), House of Cards is going by way too fast, and Girls is almost over, so if you're anything like us you're probably wondering which shows you'll be hooked on next. Handily, Portable has put together a list for you. Thoughtful of them?

And True Detective fans will appreciate this spoof of the drama by Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Rogen. Which brings up the obvious question, who's more awesome: Rogen or McConaughey? Don't make us chooose.

Speaking of Matthew McConaughey being awesome, here are nine celebrities who could take a cue out of MM's book and really benefit a killer comeback.

In case you needed any more convincing Barack Obama is awesome, watch him on Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis.

There have been estimates that we read 54,000 words a day, every day, just going about our business. That's the length of a novel. A new speed reading app promises to help with this info dilemma.

Food diaries are so 2012. If you want to forge some new healthy habits, why not take a photo of everything you ate that day, sitting in front of you in one big, latte drenched pile, and then see how hungry you feel.

Scar Jo does predatory alien in a wig? We'd watch that. Here's the dish on her new flick, Under The Skin

Anyone who even occasionally reads The Urban List will know we are nuts about toasted sandwiches. So it's unsurprising this banana bread toastie with chocolate and brie got us a tad excited.

Sick of Fashion week wrap ups already? Here's a summary of Paris Fashion Week A/W14, in easy to digest words, like 'Shopping Centre', and 'Sunshine'. Because looking at all those skinny binnies can get bor-ang. 

(P.S. if you're not sick of fashion week wrap ups, check ours out here, here, and here!)

Image Credit: Wired

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