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By Sophia McMeekin
21st Mar 2014

The weekend is so close we could touch it. But until then we'll have to suffice with wasting the day as much as possible and checking out some informative and entertaining blargs from around the web this week.

What those of us who eat off the floor have always hoped, way down deep in our greedy hearts: the 5 second rule is real.

Reiterating her position as the most entertaining celebrity, like, ever, more names have been revealed from Lindsay Lohan's celebrity sex list, which she penned then discarded in a hotel, only to be rescued by some awesome and attentive passerby. New additions include Orlando Bloom and Benicio del Toro. #scandal 

Science has proven what we already knew instinctively, the best way to get over an old boyfriend isn't to get freaky with a wheel of cheese and stay in on a Saturday night obsessively checking his Instagram. It's to get under a new one, and to do it fast.

Reason to love Tina Fey, number #365: She thinks she looks like Tootsie when she wears glasses and formal wear. And she kind of does.

Move over French bulldogs, there's a new canine status symbol to collect. This dog might not have as much potential for cuteness likes on Instagram, but it does costs $2 million dollars. 

Another Magazine's list of their ten favourite red heads includes Michael Fassbender, so we like it. 

Your childhood memories are about to get hipster-fied. Sofia Copolla's next project in the works is a live action version of The Little Mermaid. That is going to have the best soundtrack.

Image credit: Andrew Shirley

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