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By Sophia McMeekin - 28 Mar 2014

The weekend has almost arrived, and this week the Internet was choc-a-bloc of good trash to amuse yourself with until it gets here. People were hating on the Kimye Vogue cover, Oprah was yelling at Lindsay Lohan (kinda), and Gwyneth was getting oh-so-gently divorced.

In the news this week, A Hervey Bay man has been caught drunk driving a motorised esky full of tallies and casked wine. Legend?

You know that awkward moment when you're in Coles with no makeup on and you run into your ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend so you hide behind the sweet potatoes? Well that's not going to happen to me us anymore! The new trend in social media is towards anti-social apps that show you when people you'd rather avoid are around.

Cleanses are all the rage, it's true. But instead of making you eat juiced cucumbers, the new ice cream cleanse lets you eat buckets of ice cream! (Ok, so it's raw and vegan ice cream. But still!!!)

Because laughing at geeks is pretty much universally fun, here are celebs when they had braces.

Speaking of geeks, there are mixed reports that the men of Korea have been mandated to get a Kim Jong-un haircut. But conflicting reports suggest something far more terrifying: they might just be getting the chop because they think it looks 'cool'. That is so freakin' hipster.

Alexander Wang wants to help you not lose your iPhone when you're tipsy. 

This video will appeal to anyone who has ever wanted to slap Lindsay Lohan and tell her to put some undies on. Watch as Oprah sets old Fire Crotch straight.

This week Kimye's Vogue cover cause quite the uproar, awkwardly long hashtag and all. Then, of course, James Franco and Seth Rogen got involved and it got even better.

And, in what we are guessing (and hoping) is the first instance of someone actively urinating during a Vogue photo shoot, little North West has cemented herself in fashion history by peeing on her Dad during her portrait. We think that kid's got potential.

Badgurl Riri has offisch become 2014's fashion icon, landing the CFDA's prestigious award. But, as much as we love a bit of Rihanna, we can't help remembering this, and this…and that toilet paper dress.

Emoji fever goes next level with these designer emoji shoes. Yes, even our favourite 'happy poo' emoji gets his (her?) own pair.

And, poor Gwynny and Chris Martin have announced their separation, in true Goop style, on Goop itself.

Image Credit: Pop2It

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