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By Sophia McMeekin
9th May 2014

It's Friday again, woopee! Time to text everyone you know and lock down some planz for this evening (you might even find our list of Brisbane's best bar menus handy), then kill those few pesky remaining hours until knock off with our favourite links of the week.

best of the web

The Man Repeller investigates how to cure your bitchy resting face. (And the answer may be as simple as ice cubes down your pants.)

The real reason Rihanna's Instagram was deleted. Hint hint, it has to do with nipples.

Food trends range from wanky to outright ridiculous, but the rise of the 'artisan toast' trend could be the slightly charred tipping point into madness for our food-obsessed culture.

Another Met Gala has come and gone, and with it went some formalwear standards. Crop top? Go for it! Visible ass crack? It's the new décolletage! Forgot to brush your hair? Don't sweat it! 

The Olsen twins were dressed like The Golden Girls at a funeral, Margot Robbie still refuses to go back to blonde and subsequently looks like a human yawn, and Katie Holmes looked so confusingly dishevelled even Suri burned her

In a massive win for incredibly lazy people, because eating food is such a drag — what with all that boring grocery shopping, the prep', the chewing, etc etc — there's a new food replacement out that promises to keep you healthy, and full, without all the hassle of traditional eating. That's right, liquid food is no longer just for senior citizens and people recovering from jaw-reconstructions.

Image credit: Got Celeb, You Can Kiss My Ass

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