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By Sophia McMeekin
16th May 2014

Everybody has had a tough week no doubt, freaking about the budget, and wondering what the heck is going on with Solange. (First she deletes Beyonce off her Instagram, now she's shopping with Jay Z? We can't keep up! Is her hair so big because it's full of crazy?

Amidst all this fiscal turmoil and Jay Z bashing, spare a thought for Alec Baldwin, who was arrested in New York this week, and not for – as we first suspected – being too sexy.

Ok, we know we're always banging on about cronuts, but HAVE YOU TRIED ONE. As usual, those lucky New Yorkers have the cronut upper hand. Enter, the Nutella filled cronut hole.

Facebook page to Like this week: The best of Tinder.

This just in: it's now apparently completely acceptable to drop a See You Next Tuesday on the floor of Parliment.

'Men' and 'hemlines' aren't two phrases you often see together, but, as The Wall Street Journal reports, dudes are now showing more leg than ever.

The countdown to the Kimye wedding is on (in ten short days, to be precise)! If it's as tacky as we think it will be, this is going to be awesome.

3D printers: does anyone know how they work? We sure as heck don't, so we're massively impressed with this Harvard Grad' who's using one to print her own makeup

This list is literally going to make you die of embarrassment: these are the words you're probably using inappropriately and making everyone at work think you're a bozo.

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