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By Sophia McMeekin - 23 May 2014

In case you needed a reason to be happy today (other than the fact that it's officially the weekend in 10 sweet hours), Friday is the day you weigh the least

You think being a pretty young thing on Tinder is rough? Try being this dog on Tinder.

In case you were missing your Easter staple diet, here are 9 ways to enjoy Cadbury crème eggs you hadn't thought of. Crème Egg Foo Young, anyone?

In an unusual collaboration, MAC have announced a new makeup range with Marge Simpson. Because if there's one complexion we've always admired, it's Marge's.

For your daily dose of real estate envy and ensuing status anxiety, check out Mary Kate's new New York digs.

The GIFS we're loving this week: celebrities getting snubbed.They feel shame, just like us!

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These 30 things are making you fat. And Ronald's not to blame.

Bad news if you've just been born and your parents live in a trailer park: The most unusual baby names of the year have been announced. And Game of Thrones has had a worrying, if unsurprising, influence. Let's take a second to pray for those 67 kids called Daenerys.

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