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By Sophia McMeekin
30th May 2014

Because it's Friday, and on Friday you can do whatever you want, we think you should take a mental break from your emails and watch these otters playing the keyboard.

Kim Kardashian wedding this week on the web

In case you've been stuck under a rock that has no wifi for the last seven days, here's everything you missed from the Kimye wedding, in one sentence:

Kim and friends made duck faces in front iconic French landmarks, Lana sang at her rehearsal dinner, Beyonce didn't show up, but Kim looked happy (and not as tacky as those other times she got hitched) anyway, the New York Post made the world's best wedding announcement, and Kim and Kanye lived happily ever after in matching jackets.

Or, you can just check out Vanity Fair's breakdown, which is probably more thorough, and definitely better written.

Here's a fun game! Aptly titled website, Pork Track, helps you figure out which song your olds were probably listening to when you were — ahem — getting made. Because if there's any question that's keeping us awake at night, it's 'was I conceived to Olivia Newton John?'

As if we didn't know already, Bill Murray is awesome, and will make a speech at your bachelor party if you ask nicely.

This week's Instagram to follow: rappers with puppies.

Polly wanna piccolo? This parrot loves coffee more than we do.

Just when we thought Macauley Culkin was getting cool off the back of his Ryan Gosling meta t-shirt sinkhole, he's gone and wrecked it all. His pizza-themed tribute band has been booed off stage in Nottingham. Yes, we said pizza-themed tribute band.

It's almost the weekend, that magical time of the week where you can eat foods that are usually defined as dessert, for breakfast. Case in point, these Nutella French toast cinnamon rolls

Speaking of food, how would you like to win 50 of the best Brisbane meals you should have eaten by now? Yeah you would. Enter here!

Image credit: Pop Sugar, Giphy

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