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By Sophia McMeekin - 13 Jun 2014

Fridays don't count, so we've put together a mash up of our favourite links from around the web for your procrastinating enjoyment. 

this week on the web

World Cup fever has hit town, so prepare for your friends and co workers to look black under the eyes and a tad distracted for the next thirty days or so.

If, like us, you're more into meatballs than footballs, you might enjoy our guide to eating your way through the World Cup. And if you're more into — ahem — the other kind of balls (yeah, we went there), here's Elle's guide to the sexiest football players from the World Cup.

This Tumblr psychoanalyses your texts, using your 'most recent' emojis to look deep into your subconscious. You know, in case you've been making Freudian slips/have fat fingers. 

Of course the guys at Lego have the best business cards ever.

Never look like a dunce ordering jalapenos, macarons, or pho again, with this handy dandy guide to commonly mispronounced food words.

In the wake of Rihanna's recent nipple-affirming body stocking, The Man Repeller asks, is this the age of transparency?

Think you're having a bad hair day? Spare a thought for poor Blue Ivy, whose hair is a such a rat's nest someone's bothered to start an online petition to get Bey and Jay to comb that thing.

To get your weekend started right (and because we've all got a crush on him) here's a picture of Jimmy Fallon and his daughter in matching outfits on the cover of People

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