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By Sophia McMeekin - 04 Jul 2014

Oh, weekend, come quicker why don't you? While you wait for knock off, kill some time with our favourite links from around the web this week.

Best news we've heard for a long time (and, no, we don't get out much) Tina Fey is going to produce Hocus Pocus Two.

This week's food that will kill you award goes to this Rice krispies burger, with peanut butter and bacon. Mmm, early grave...

An affogato is one thing, but this Nutella and Nerds coffee is quite another. Coming soon to Sydney's coffee cups.

Celebrities have been acting all kind of wicketty whack this week, what with Olivia Palermo going smart casual to her own wedding, Gisele Bundchen getting a buzz cut, and Daniel Radcliffe's change of career.

And, that felon with the cheekbones has gone and got himself a modelling contract.

In a shocking blow to die-hard romantics and 14 year-old girls everywhere, it turns our Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams didn't even like each other when they made The Notebook.

Don't pretend this isn't exciting news, we know you've always wondered what you'd look like in a plaid yellow twin set: 19 years after you really wanted it, you can finally get Cher Horowitz's virtual closet from Clueless.

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Image credit: Food Diggity

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