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By Sophia McMeekin
18th Jul 2014

Happy Friday, guys! We hope you're in your lounge pants and have happy hour planned already. Today feels particularly weekend-ish because of the promise of Messina deliveries, (what's that? You haven't heard? Are you residing under a rock presently? You can get Messina Gelato today from 11am! Read all about it here!) so take the morning off with our favourite links from around the web this week.

Everybody's favourite hot sauce, Sriracha, now has its own music festival. This makes no sense at all, but we still want to go!

More on food that doesn't make sense, would you eat a cappuccino flavoured potato chip? America would.

Television related goss': The next season of True Detective will have four lead characters!

Love maps? Love toilet humour? (Of course you do.) Then you're going to love this map of all the rude place names around the world.

Just when we thought the flower crown was dead, a new hipster adornment emerges: The male flower crown.

Oooh, fight. It's George Clooney vs The Daily Mail, and, of course, gorgeous George has come out on top. The lesson here is don't mess with George's in-laws.

this week on the web

Nawwwwww. Here's a cat eating sashimi wearing a tie


Quiz of the week: Guess the '90s track from the first second.

Kate 'Bosy' Bosworth has launched her own Shazam-esque Fashion app. Apparently just being famous for your cheekbones doesn't bring home the bacon.

You've probably never given much thought to the font on your iPhone, probably because you have life. Luckily some geeks at Google have been giving it some thought, and are working hard to bring you the ideal sans serif for your eyeballs.

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Image credits: Giphy, Business Insider

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