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By Sophia McMeekin
8th Aug 2014

The proximity of the weekend to right now is almost unbearable. Ease the pain with our favourite links from around the web this week.

Is it just us, or is Chris Pratt the world's biggest babe and possibly the coolest guy ever? Oh no wait, it's not just us. Here he is adorably showing us he can braid hair. Here he is rapping. Here are his greatest moments on Everwood. And here are his high school yearbook photos.

this week on the web

Funk and Wagnalls must be rolling in their graves. 'Literally' has had it's dictionary definition updated to also now mean 'figuratively'. In celebration of this historic and monumentally sad moment, here's figurative-literally's biggest fan girl, Rachel Zoe, literally destroying the English language.

Food porn fave: Caramel, strawberry, brie, and butter sugar toast. We die.

We've always wondered why Japanese kids are so hooked on doing the victory 'V' sign in photos. Someone has actually bothered to investigate.

Could you survive a One Direction concert… completely alone? One brave 25 year old finds out.

In an impressive use of girl-in-a-pink-jumper and the happy poo, here are some famous novels told entirely in emojis.

Talk about a dumbo drop. Mcdonalds have plans to expand their delivery operation. When they start using parachutes to deploy McFeasts we'll be in real trouble.

Every once in a while a person comes along who is just so much more awesome than you are it makes you want to give up. Our new hero is this woman who runs in the shape of giant penises and captures it all with her Nike run tracker. Respect, fit penis lady.

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Image credtit: Zap2It, Lady and Pups

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