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By Sophia McMeekin - 07 Jun 2013

The promise of a Monday off certainly makes Friday drag. Kill some time with our picks of the best on the web. 

Apparently we are increasingly using Facebook to stare at our own profiles, not for the wholesome activities we used to get up to on the site, like stalking our crushes, or hating on our ex's new girlfriend (plus she's like, not even that pretty?). And, what's worse, after taking time out for this little spot of narcissism, we're apparently a whole lot less motivated to do any work.  Kids, it's time to log out.

Dunkin' Donuts have unleashed a new creation, the donut bacon sandwich. Apparently it's not as bad for you as you'd think. Drool.

It's Spring/Summer's chilled out cousin. The Man Repeller takes a look at the Resort collections, and immediately makes plans to work on her mid-section.

Turns out those cute hats with animal ears don't just look good on Japanese school girls. The King of Sweden has been trialling the trend, and looks equally adorable.

Amanda Bynes' descent into madness continues (and, no, it most certainly is not a little bit funny.)

amanda bynes crazy best of the web

Twenty years on, James Franco shares his impressions of American Psycho with Vice.  He's excited about the musical adaption, too! Franco, quit being so cool. It's getting annoying.

Here's a nifty idea. Those brainy Brazilians have found a way to utilise all that surplus urine at Carnivale Festival. Apparently a serious shortage of restrooms during the festival results in a not a few party-goers relieving themselves all over the city, prompting the development of urine-powered restrooms that reward users for finding a toilet by playing music from the band, AfroReggae. The music is powered by—yep, you guessed it—wee.

Image Credit: Luna Digital&nnbsp;, Hollyscoop

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