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By Sophia McMeekin - 27 Jun 2014

We're feeling very Rebecca Black about the arrival of the weekend (FRIDAYFRIDAYFRIDAY), so to help make the day go that little bit faster here are our favourite articles, videos, GIFs, spam, and what-have-you from around the web this week.

One for the '90s kids, there's a Saved By The Bell movie coming!

The winner of the world's ugliest dog competition has been announced, as well as the runner up. Best. Slideshow. Ever.

Just when you thought it was safe to call yourself a Gemini…changes in the earth's rotation have created a new horoscope, and might mean you're not the star sign you thought you were! Freak out.

Speaking of horoscopes, Kenzo — cool kids that they are — have created their own horoscope (a Kenzoroscope, if you will) and it freaking rules.

Our constant imaginary boyfriend, Prince Harry, continues to delight and amaze. Not just the only attractive male red head ever, it turns out he's good at soccer, too.

this week on the web

And, sad news for idiots everywhere, I Wanna Marry Harry has been cancelled.

Cherry Coke can go jump. Now there's a Green Coke. Surprise surprise, it's not made with vegetables.

Our new favourite website this week is Buzzfeed parody site, Clickhole, from the funny people at The Onion. With articles like, One Woman Takes Photo of Herself Every Day for a Week, and '90s Toys That Weren't Funny Anymore After 9/11. We're in love!

Annnnnnd some food porn (SFW) for you to stare at, please enjoy this Nutella and salted caramel popcorn cheesecake.

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Image credit: Giphy, The Berry

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