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Trend Alert: What The Heck Is Pea Milk?

By Ellen Seah
26th Apr 2016

pea milk

Less than a decade ago, politely requesting skinny milk in your decaf latte was cause enough for a look of poorly concealed disgust. Now with low-calorie almond milk, protein-high soymilk and the (questionable) health benefits of coconut milk, it’s a whole new milk-eats-milk world.  

The latest addition to the dairy (but not really) family? Pea milk. Yes, as in, milk and peas. Milk made from peas. Peas masquerading as milk because apparently we’re determined to convert to every possible vegetable into some type of unacceptably green drinkable liquid. I’M DONE.

Apparently it's legit though—this legume-made milk has eight times the amount of protein compared almond milk, fewer calories than skinny milk and 50% more calcium than the original, cow-made milk. You better pea-lieve it. (I make no apologies for that.)

Made by US company Ripple Food, an entire line of pea milk including original, unsweetened, vanilla and chocolate will launch this May in America. Apparently the milk doesn’t taste anything like cheap frozen vegetables, and might not even be green. Still, we’re not sure we’re ready to sacrifice our Coco Pops or afternoon latte to vegetables yet. 

You can check out the Ripple Food Instagram for all your pea-ful needs. Just in case you're actually into this idea.

Image credit: Food52

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