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What’s On For Halloween

By AJ James
27th Oct 2013

To quote Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls (her name was Cady, she was from Africa, and she was white), "In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut, and no other girls can say anything about it."  – Cady, Mean Girls, 2004.

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And, it's true, Halloween presents one hell of an opportunity for us all to dress up any which way we like. So regardless of whether you'll be prancing around in next to nothing (when in Rome, right?), or going down the ghoulish route, here are a number of spooky events on you can attend. From themed soirees to downright scary films, all are welcome. With or without their pants. Or a head, should you go as the headless horseman this year. (My mum always wanted me to go as the headless horseman. When I was 8 it was deemed too ugly and scary; at 18, it was not deemed attractive or appealing. I'm holding out for 28. I'll appreciate it more then.)

Halloween Super Party at The Scratch

Promising scary beers, games, door prizes, spooky tunes and pumpkin carving, get yourself to our Milton fave The Scratch from 6:30pm on Thursday the 31st for their Super Party. 

Limes Hotel

They're transforming into a haunted hotel (it'll be their fifth year doing so) on Saturday November 2nd,  with cobwebs, concoctions in cauldrons, and venomous shots out for all. Throw on your costume (there's a prize for the best dressed) and spend the night in style. Pre purchase your tickets here.

Halloween Dress-Up Party | The Bearded Lady

Drop in to West End's coolest new watering hole, The Bearded Lady, on the night of Thursday the 31st in your most scariest outfit, get yourself crowned 'best dressed', and win a bar tab. Hells bells — that's a reason to dress up if ever we heard one. Doors open from 6:30pm, and entry will cost you $5.


Head into Depo and eat, drink, and be scary on the night of the 31st for a spooky dinner and cocktails. 

Halloween Movie Events with Kristian Fletcher

Some people can do scary movies, others not so much… (Personally I find the scene from Beauty and the Beast when Belle's father goes through the dark forest rather frightening). All the same, if you are a fiend for a horror film, check out the work of Kristian Fletcher. He's put together two weeks of pop-up screenings around town at some of our favourite spots, including Room 60 and Shady Palms, so you can get a feed to slowly eat while staring at the screen with wide eyed fright. Day of the Dead and Slumber Party Massacre feature… strangely absent is Beauty and the Beast.  

Beetlejuice and The Lost Boys

If you're a bit of a woose when it comes to scary flicks, head to Ben and Jerry's Openair Cinema in the South Bank forecourt to catch one-off screenings of Beetlejuice and The Lost Boys. One is a comical, musical, and non-frightening Halloween themed movie, the other is a cult 80s vampire film. If you do get scared you can always bury your face in the fantastic icecream selection. 

Day of The Dead Weekend at Chilliwow

Over the 1st and 2nd of November Chilliwow will be hosting a day of the dead party in true, spooky Mexican style. There will be skull face painting, fresh flower crowns, and — squee — a trick or treat piñata, as well DJs, Mariachi musicians, and dead-mans limbo. And if you really want to get into the spirit of things there's also a dead man's eating comp', if you feel like scoffing yourself to death. 

The Paddo's Halloween Party

Paddington local, The Paddo is hosting a Halloween party where they would like you to come dressed real scary like, and you might win a prize for best dressed. When at the Paddo we highly recommend you try the wings.

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