What’s On Her Christmas Wish List | The A-dorkable Quirk

By Sophia McMeekin
19th Dec 2013

The A-dorkable Quirk

She's left of centre, a bit off beat, and cute as heck. She'll dig the naff and kitsch nature of these pressies (and you had better get her one, 'cause you know she's probably knitted you a sweater). We predict what that oh-so a-dorkable quirk will be asking Santa for this year.

Pop Out Pug 
Quite Nice | $17
Pets are a lot of responsibility it's true, so she'll appreciate the limited amount of care the Pop Out Pug requires. Give him a name and his very own water bowl, then pop him next to the front door to scare away would be thieves (ha).

Far Away in Time Wallet 
Molten Store | $59.00
Ooo, sparkly! This little pocket is brightly adorned, so Miss Scatterbrain doesn't leave it on the bus or have to hunt for it in her handbag. 

Hell Yeah Embroidery 
Castle and Things
Hellz yeah. That's what she'll be saying when you give her this bangin' embroidered wall artwork. It aptly summarises her zest for life, and love of cutesy arts and craft, all in one neatly framed package.

Rhi Rhi Dungarees Pineapple Playsuit by Stolen Girlfriends Club
Violent Green
What's better than a playsuit? A playsuit covered in pineapples, that's what. A throw-back to the overalls of childhood, this little suit is tropical, fun, and has Queensland summer all over it.

Fabian the Bulldog Brooch by Erstwilder
Thousand Island Dressing | $29
This fun and eclectic little brooch, from accessories experts Thousand Island Dressing, is just the thing to set off Zooey's dorky-chic look. Paired with a perfect polka-dotted ensemble to set off her doe-eyes.  

Mexican Wildflower Earrings by San Marco
Thousand Island Dressing | $28 
Only something with such an elaborate back-story would adorn the ears of the Zooey girl. The miniature flowers, artfully placed behind the resin in these little beauties, are grown in Central Mexico by the Gomez family. At morning's first dew, they are handpicked with tweezers and dried lovingly before being enshrined in Sterling Silver.

Alice Pois Cushion
Happiness Place | $99
Quirky and a little off-beat—it's the spots, we say—this Alice Pois cushion from Happiness Place will perfectly complement the colourful and diverse decorating flourishes in-situ at Zooey's apartment.

0734 in Nude Pink by Cutler & Gross
onepointsevenfour | $549
A little bit 50s Rock 'n' Roll, a lot quirky-cool, these Cutler & Gross frames from onepointsevenfour are perfect under that well-cut set of 'bangs' sported by our sweet-hearted friend.

Image credits: Zooey, Zooey

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