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Holiday Haul | Where To Buy The Best Cheese In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
7th Dec 2016

buy cheese in Brisbane

Amid the fervor of financially crippling merrymaking and gastrointestinal upheaval this holiday season gleams the hope of cheese, to which we may turn for guidance to usher us through the festive season. 

We’ve never made any secret of our love for cheese and over the years our obsession has revealed its many practical applications: it can help prevent a hangover; it can double as a centerpiece; it’s there for you when the bakery isn’t; and it’s recently attained the same club status as its winey partner in crime. It’s the ultimate best friend and party favour surpassing even a box of Favourites as the ‘don’t bring anything’ thing to bring (no shade, Cadbury). 

We’ve rounded up our favourite cheese connections to load up on the good wedges ahead of Christmas. Don’t forget to brush up on your cheese chat before heading out, and while you’re shopping keep in mind this super handy list of cheese hacks. I guarantee y’all will be tryptophannin’.

Emile & Solange


The baby dream of Normandy native and cheese fiend Sarah Thuillet, Emile & Solange is an homage to her cheese-loving grandparents who instilled in Thuillet a similar love of cheese from a young age. Quality, freshness and access to expertise are promised to all who enter, and Emile & Solange can help you out with catering, platters and hampers ahead of Christmas so you can spend more time preening.

Fromage the Cow


Let’s hear it for Brisbane’s first ever licensed fromagerie and the outstanding work they do bringing wine and cheese together. The Orangery out the back is great for milling around with snacks and glass in hand (don’t get us started on the dinner service), but it’s the cheese cabinets at the front that really rev our engines. Oh, and Fromage the Cow also do those heaven-sent cakes made from cheese wheels.

Rosalie Gourmet Market


Rosalie residents are known for rarely leaving their patch, especially when it comes to cheese fetching, and the culprit is the Rosalie Gourmet Market. Known for the outstanding selection of cheeses, their cabinet is stuffed full of the best cheeses in Brisbane. Notable mentions include pride of the cabinet, the d’Affinois Brie, which is less like cheese and more like pure cream served in rind. 11/10 would recommend. 

Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Market


So much more than your ordinary local grocer, the kids in charge of stocking the cheese cabinet at Ashgrove Fresh Fruit Market know what’s up. They’ve got everything you need to furnish your cheeseboard from crackers and fruit to the cheeses themselves and you can pick up all your weekly groceries in the same trip #efficient.

Hawthorne Garage


Who says there’s no decent cheese in the suburbs? Not Hawthorne Garage, that’s for sure. This joint is one mother of a deli and we would all do well to pay it a visit, no matter where we live. Key features to look out for include, but aren’t limited to; fresh produce, gourmet provender, deli produce, fresh flowers, DNA coffee and, of course, cheese. They also offer catering and cheese board arrangement, which is a godsend heading into Christmas.

Standard Market Co.


Having built up a rep for some of the best and most sparkly pantrystuffs in town, the Standard Market Co.’s spot on everyone’s Christmas pilgrimage is well earned. And when it comes to the cheese situation, hectic is the only word to describe it. (Ditto the James Street branch.)

The Stores

West End 

As West End’s epicurean epicentre, The Stores is well stocked to bring the stoke. Theirs is an everything-under-one-roof operation with wide-ranging selections of everything from fresh produce, deli meats and gourmet pantry items, to their pride and joy the temperature-controlled cheese closet. Take our word for it, it is as majestic as it sounds, and so close to the cured meat counter it’s like all your charcuterie fantasies coming true at once.

New Farm Deli

New Farm 

Here’s a fun fact: if you’re looking for an iconic Italian deli in Brisbane you’ve found one; and if you’re after a quality cheese connection then congratulations you’ve found that too because when it comes to cheesy goodness, New Farm Deli is packing heat. Don’t forget to pick up a pannettone while you’re there and maybe chuck in a cheese wheel cake.

Samios Fine Foods


And repping it for the Greeks is Samios Fine Foods. Along with the metric tonnage of olives available for purchase is a whole host of assorted pantry pleasures and a gloriously stocked cheese cabinet that makes us weak in the knees—an ideal spot for picking up the Christmas grocery haul.

Pennisi Deli


Brisbane’s antiquing heartland also happens to be the home to Pennisi Deli: your number one reason to leave the house today. Connecting Brisbanites with delicacies from Europe and Latin America, Pennisi is to us what the cave of wonders was to Aladdin. Especially when it comes to their cheese cabinet, which we would happily move into at a moment’s notice.

Tognini’s Deli


Let’s round out the cheese pilgrimage at Tognini’s Deli with a few gorgeous hunks of the ‘drunken cheese’: Basajo sheep milk blue washed in Zibibbo dessert wine and studded with muscatel grapes. Can’t get enough? Join the Tognini’s cheese club. The catering situation is also a bit out of control; you can pretty much outsource your entire Christmas spread and it will be straight up amazing every time.

For ALL of your deli needs this Christmas, swat up on the 10 best gourmet delis in Brisbane.

​Image credit: The Stores by Ariana Gillrie

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