This Brisbane Cafe Fave Is Now Selling Indoor Plants!

By Catherine Blake
14th Mar 2018

where to buy-plants-brisbane

Their homey digs have always had plenty of greenery, but now Lewin Street Store has jacked up the flora and turned their café nook into a flourishing nursery. Nigella has a word for this, she calls it verdiglorious and she is RIGHT. Pots of fiddle-leaf figs, devil’s ivy, and Monsteras comprise a staggering selection of plants currently available for purchase right bloody now.

If you’ve been tracking Lewin’s trajectory as closely as we have, you’ll notice that this latest venture this takes them to an unprecedented level of weekending as the ultimate juncture of the top three priorities of the millennial agenda: avo toast, specialty coffee, and now house plants. It’s literally weekend paradise.

where to buy-plants-brisbane

Like most posers, I only discovered the joys of live plants after they cluttered up my Instagram feed and my facile aesthete ways have been hell-bent on accruing more and more foliage ever since. Now that Lewin has taken to hawking house plants, this pursuit is a snap, thanks in no small part to the foxiness of their selection and how easy they are to care for; which is great because I once killed a cactus that lived next to my bathroom sink #truestory.

Whether you’re on the verge of a burgeoning plant obsession, or a hardcore phytophile, get down to Lewin Street Store and nab yourself a beauty, because a room isn’t fully furnished without a sprig of green.

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Image credit: Grace Elizabeth Images

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