Where To Find Brisbane’s Best Mexican | 2016

By Jessica Pridmore
1st Nov 2016

best mexican Brisbane

Ever since it sprang from the land of demigods and onto the global agenda, the inspiring and heartening power of Mexican flavour munch has pervaded every cranny of our known universe in majestical and powerful ways.

Brisbane loves a bloody good Mexi-feast and it’s not just tacos that set our jaws gnashing—I mean, it’s mostly tacos, but there’s a bunch of other stuff we get around so look alive—; here’s where to find Brisbane’s best Mexican.

Juan More Taco

Various locations

Taco truck hunting is the sport of kings; let’s begin our salsational safari at Juan More Taco—this hellraising rumblebus makes us want to buy shares in maize flour.  Authentic Mexican flavourdom has never seen such delicate treatment, and that old adage ‘too much of a good thing can be bad’ just doesn’t apply here. Make sure you load up when you visit, just Juan is never enough. 

Puerto Taco

Various locations

Puerto Taco has given the world banh-Mex; Mexican beef on a Viet bun with all the zesty fresh Viet trimmings. Yep, that fusion is happening and it is just about as incredible as you would imagine. Should you choose to put out the catering call, Puerto Taco will gladly answer it. Until then, they can be found rolling around the Sunshine Coast distributing the taco tidings en masse.

Chingon Cantina y Taqueria

Brisbane CBD

From the original concept in Melbourne comes Brisbane’s latest late-night delight. The freshly minted Chingon has just opened its doors in Eagle Lane, and their menu has a simple and specialised focus on soft corn tortilla tacos (which they’ve pretty much nailed). Make sure you order a serve of the elote en vaso: fire-roasted corn with chipotle and queso. Highly recommend.

El Torito

West End

El Torito have been holding court on the benchmark for authentic Mexican in Brisbane since before the taco trend took hold. From their digs on Boundary Street they’ve set the standard for Brisbane’s most rustic Mexican, and you can be sure there is a helluva lot more going on than just corn chips and guac. Check out the chicken mole if you don’t believe me.

California Native


California’s local flavour is known for revamping authentic Mexican with hot new revelations. As the name suggests, California Native is all about that West Coast chow and everything from Cali-Mex fish tacos with pineapple to Tex-Mex dishes like nachos and chilli con carne.

Bloodhound Corner Bar

Fortitude Valley

The lads at Bloodhound have an ardent and steamy obsession with Latin food that heats up to the point where you feel like a third wheel. Their operation will take you across the entire South-American continent with Peruvian wings, Cuban-style burgers, Pisco Sours and, naturally, all the tacos you can handle. 

St Baxter

New Farm

 Another Golden State-come-Latin American melting pot of a menu, New Farm's St Baxter dishes up some pretty delish Mexi-Cali eats. Eat fish tacos with cactus salsa, for mucho flavour!

Image credit: St Baxter by Ariana Gillrie

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