Where To Get Sweet and Savoury Waffles In Brisbane

By Catherine Blake
17th Aug 2016

Best Waffles Brisbane

I didn’t need Leslie Knope to tell me that waffles are the greatest breakfast food of all time, but it was nice to hear my sentiment echoed all the same. The dips and ridges in a waffle slab allows for maximum surface area on the grill making a waffle almost 80% crispiness and every bite better than finding spare cash in the pocket of an old coat.

Now that the horrendous waffle shortage of 2015 is over, Brisbane’s breakfast boards have returned to their former glory boasting a hectic array of waffledoms bordering on indecent. We’re now completely spoiled for choice and any hopes of getting our rigs ‘summer ready’. Let the waffle safari commence:

The Best Brisbane Cafes Offering Savoury Waffles:

Not since Wonka condensed a three-course dinner into a stick of gum have we seen such a life-changing invention as a plate of savoury waffles. If you’re American this is nothing new but to the rest of us the game just changed forever:

Let Minnow


Protein is all important for this perforated beast of a breakfast. Begin with panko-crumbed chicken on a potato and chive waffle then jazz it up with some charred corn salsa, avocado, sticky chilli sauce and Japanese mayo.

Miss Kay’s


Known for their borderline intimidating burger feeds, Miss Kay’s isn’t about to hold back. Ergo their breakfast of fried chicken and waffles with maple bacon and ice cream, like something fresh off the plate of an American diner.

The Bleachers

West End

This waffle is everything I never knew I wanted on one plate. It comprises of a sweet waffle covered in bacon and cheese, drizzled with mayo and smattered in picked radish and shallots. Silly waffle, thinks he’s a little okonomiyaki!

Billykart Kitchen

West End

The crispy potato aspect of these waffles is really what takes Billy Kart’s waffle contribution to the next level. They’re even generous enough to throw in some hot smoked salmon, poached eggs and shriekworthy horseradish hollandaise.

The Best Brisbane Cafes Offering Sweet Waffles:

The OG of indulgence in the first light, sweet waffles will go down in history alongside pancakes, French toast and Froot Loops as just another cheeky way we’ve justified having dessert for breakfast.


South Brisbane

The sourdough waffles at Gauge have been making waves ever since their open last year. The latest iteration of their breakfast favourite takes the same sourdough base and dresses it up with dollops of lemon curd and crème frâiche, finished off with bee pollen and citrus segments.

Cafe Grenadine

Camp Hill

When ordering the waffles at Grenadine, be prepared for a plate of splendour inspired by a Canadian Halloween. They take pumpkin waffles and dress them up with maple syrup poached pear, mascarpone cream, salted caramel pumpkin and candied pumpkin skin for a breakfast that tastes like autumn.



Another day, another raunchy AF addition to the Shouk menu. Their waffles are a citric explosion of orange powder, grapefruit and lemon curd with a coriander jelly and globules of unctuous saffron ice cream.

85 Miskin St


Just making wattle seed waffles just wasn't enough, no they HAD to go and add raspberries and violet ice cream and ruin me for pancakes, didn’t they? I hope you’re happy, Miskin, because I’m rapt and I’ll take a second serve if it’s going.

Mondo Organics

West End

The legendary breakfast chieftains at Mondo have once again won our hearts this winter with their innovative addition of maple and walnut frozen yoghurt to their sourdough waffles, already pimped with apple and rhubarb for that seasonal winter vibe.

Planted Wholefoods


Wholly devoted to grass roots nourishment, Planted Wholefoods isn’t about to let their devastatingly innovative credo lag. Their coconut charcoal waffles are made on spelt and black as midnight beneath the roasted berries, gelato, pecan crumble and fresh pomegranate and mint they come with. 

The Best Places Offering Both:

Have yourself a two-course breakfast and never leave the waffle section of the menu. Here is where two worlds collide:

Rogue Bistro


Don’t expect to go bored or hungry when you take on the waffles at Rogue Bistro. The sweet waffle wouldn’t look out of place on a dinner dessert menu with lemon curd, vanilla bean custard, toasted meringue, fairy floss and coconut ice cream, while the savoury waffle really turns things up a notch as it comes with popcorn chicken, a fried egg, duck fat aioli, carrot jam and maple syrup.

Crema and Cream


So swollen with waffles is Crema and Cream’s breakfast menu that they have to devote a whole subsection to it. On offer is your salty-sweet Canadian style waffles with bacon, maple syrup and poached eggs, as well as classic compote and ice cream combo, or a game-changing pulled confit duck with orange butter and eggs.

Nickel Kitchen and Bar

Fortitude Valley

Committed to wholesome American feeds, Nickel Kitchen and Bar very lovingly offers us a rendition of chicken and waffles with honey-roasted chicken seated on a bacon and chive waffle and sauce piquante. Don’t forget, as a sister of Nantucket, Nickel also offers the sweet as pie NKB waffles with banana, crisp bacon, walnuts and maple butter.

Little Loco

New Farm

They called them crazy, but Little Loco has been busy asking the big questions. Like, what would happen if you served eggs Benedict on smoked ham and cheddar waffle? What would a chocolate espresso waffle taste like? There’s only one place to go to find out…

Lady Marmalade

Stones Corner

The home of hearty breakfasts is the perfect place to round-off. Their savoury waffles feature a decadent combination of creamed corn, feta, roasted tomatoes and chimichurri, and their sweet waffle brings things right back to basics with berry compote, ice cream and salted caramel.

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Image credit: Ariana Gillrie

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